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  This cross is a design drawn from an ancient motif of "three corners", or triquetra. The cross combines four triquetra into a contemporary Celtic knot work cross design. The origin of the triquetra symbol is unknown, but it dates back to pre-Celtic times. Norse runestones and everyday items have been found with the symbol engraved on it which proves Norse groups, such as the Vikings, did use it.

   Triquetra means three-cornered and connects deeply with the power of three. The meaning varies in different religions and cultures, but the concept of interconnectedness and infinity seem to be the foundation for all groups. In the pagan perspective, it represents the maiden/mother/crone. In the Christian tradition, it represents the father/son/holy spirit. Others believe it represents birth/life/death and or earth/air/water.

Dimensions:  1 1/2 " x  1"

Trinity Cross