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In Ireland St. Bridgid is called Mary of the Gael. She died on February 1m 524 AD and is buried beside St. Patrick. She built the first Irish convent next to a giant oak tree. The place became known as the Church of the Oak, which is Cill Dara  in Irish. Today it is called the town of Kildare.
   St, Bridgid was the daughter of a fiercely pagan chieftain. As he lay on his death bed, she sat beside him in prayer,. While she prayed, she wove this simple cross from the rushes covering the floor. Her father asked her about the meaning of the cross. He was so comforted by her story that he became a Christian before he died. 
   St. Bridgid’s cross is believed to protect the home from evil.

Dimensions: 1 1/4" x 1 1/8"

St. Bridgid's Cross