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The McKeown Cross Collection

Byron and Deanne McKeown have spent the many years of their lives together as artists exploring possibilities. The cross collection that appears on these pages has been created through their love of travel and research. The history of each cross has been carefully researched and the actual piece created by hand, then cast in sterling silver or in some cases bronze. They are designed to be worn as pendants, earrings and pins,

or can be combined as necklace or bracelet collections.

Our cross collection is ever growing and expanding as we continue to travel and explore the many facets of this fascinating cultural icon. As an art form, the cross invites myriad possibilities; as a symbol, it evokes the contemplation of universal thought and ethnic diversity. The search goes on....

Designs in the McKeown Cross Collection are exclusive to the McKeown Galleries. Because we work alone in a small studio, production is limited, and some designs, such as handcrafted rosaries,  are one-of-a-kind and they may not always be immediately available. Please contact us if the cross you desire is out of stock, we would be happy to cast one especially for you and will provide an estimate of production time.

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