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   One of the folk crosses often carved in Finland is the St. Thomas cross, consisting of a filigree of wood shavings. St. Thomas Day is celebrated on the fourth day before Christmas. It is a  holiday custom to place this cross on a table with the Advent candles.
    St. Thomas was one of the Twelve Apostles of Jesus. He is best known for questioning Jesus' resurrection when first told of it, then proclaiming, “My Lord and my God” on seeing Jesus in John 20:28. He was perhaps the only Apostle who went outside of the Roman Empire to preach the Gospel. Tradition says that at the dispersal of the Apostles after Pentecost this saint was sent to evangelize the Parthians, Medes, and Persians; he ultimately reached India, carrying the Faith to the Malabar coast, which still boasts a large native population calling themselves “Christians of St. Thomas.”  His feast day is July 3rd and he is the patron of architects. 

Dimensions: 1 3/4"  x  1 1/2"

St. Thomas Cross