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 Two cousins, Magnus and Hakon,  ruled the Isle of Orkney, Scotland, until 1117 AD when a conflict developed and Magnus was captured during a peace negotiation and executed. He was buried in the churchyard at Birsay where the rocky area around his grave miraculously became a green field. There were reports of miraculous healings and the bishop, who had warned of “heresy to go about with such tales” was struck blind. Magnus is a patron saint of Scotland and is invoked for the protection of cattle; and against eye diseases, snakebite, worms, rats, mice and field insects.
   A cathedral was built at Kirkwall to honor the piety and gentleness of Magnus. Constructed from alternating bands of local red and buff sandstone, the cathedral is one of the finest and best preserved medieval cathedrals in Scotland. This cross was inspired by a carved wooden cross in the nave .

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St. Magnus Cross