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  The Gothic basilica of St. Jacob in Rothenburg, Germany was built in 1211 and was dedicated to the apostle St. James. St. Jacob is the German spelling. It is one of the churches on the pilgrimage route to the grave of St. James in Santiago de Compostela in Spain. A small cross was found during the construction of the west chancel in 1350. This is a copy of that cross.

  St. Jacob was ordained Bishop of Nisibis, Turkey  in 320. He participated in the first ecumenical council in Nicaea (325), where he earned great respect from the Emperor Constantine and the other attendees. St. Jacob sought to find Noah's Ark as proof for skeptics.

He is the patron sait of chemists and pharmacists. 

Dimensions: 1 1/4" x 1 1/4"


St. Jacob Cross