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  St. Hyacinth was born in 1185 and canonized in 1594. In Latin countries he is known as San Jacinto and he is the patron saint of those in danger of drowning. Saint Hyacinth is known to have performed numerous miracles. The one miracle that has been most associated with him was the result of the Mongol siege of the city of Kyiv where he was able to save a holy chalice and a statue of the Virgin Mary from the invaders. He is also said to have restored crops destroyed by a hailstorm. The next day, the crops were miraculously restored. The people then treated Hyacinth to pierogi made from those crops as a token of gratitude. In Poland, people still use the exclamation "St. Hyacinth and his pierogi!" an old-time saying, a call for help in hopeless circumstances.

  He is also the patron saint of St. Hyacinth's Basilica in Chicago, Illinois. The interior of this basilica is done in opulent Baroque style and the facade has a rare three-towered design. This cross is inspired by magnificent crowns worn by statues of the Madonna and Child.

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St. Hyacinth