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 There are patron saints for almost anything one can think of. Thus, there is a patron saint of television! On February 17, 1958, Pope Pius XII designated St. Clare as the patron saint of television, on the basis that, when she was too ill to attend a Mass, she had been miraculously able to see and hear it on the wall of her room. She is also the patroness of eye disease, goldsmiths, and laundry.
  Clare was born in 1194 at Assissi, into a wealthy and noble Italian family,  the eldest daughter of Favorino Scifi, Count of Sasso-Rosso. She heard St. Francis speak and was inspired to leave her rich home and establish an order of nuns called the Order of Poor Ladies (Poor Clares) at San Damiano. She led this order for 40 years until her death.

Dimensions: 1 5/8"  x  1 1/8"

St. Clare Cross