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   Agnes is a martyr from the early Church in Rome. Though she was only a young girl when she faced death, her devotion to her faithwas unwavering. She is the patron saint of engaged couples, victims of sexual abuse, and gardeners. She died a virgin-martyr at the age of 12 or 13 on 21 January 304.

    Saint-Eustache Cathedral is one of the largest cathedrals in Paris after Notre-Dame de Paris. It has it’s origin in an earlier church dedicated to St. Agnes. It wasn’t until 1532, when it became necessary to enlarge the town square, that the mayor of Paris started construction on the new cathedral. It was finally completed 100 years later and consecrated on the 26th of April 1637. While many famous Parisians like Moliere and Richelieu are buried in the cathedral, this cross is dedicated to St. Agnes. The design came from a small cross in the side chapel of St. Agnes.

Dimensions:  1  1/4" x 1"

St. Agnes Cross