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   The traditional Russian Orthodox Catholic three-bar design is on the front of this cross. Also on the front, above the top bar, is the Slavonic abbreviation for King of Glory, which replaces the mocking title INRI which Pontius Pilate had placed on Christ's cross. Kneeling on the right side is the Virgin Mary; on the left, is St. John.

   Below the foot of the cross is the skull of Adam with the Slavonic abbreviation for conquers, symbolizing that Christ will conquer Golgatha. Behind the three figures is the Slavonic abbreviation for, The place of the skull has become paradise.

   On the back of the cross is the three-winged figure of the Archangel Gabriel. The front of the bail shows the three-bar cross and on the back is a cross with seraphim wings on either side.

Dimensions: 1 1/4 " x 5/8 "

Seraphim Cross