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  Crosses of this design are traditionally called the Soldier’s Cross because they are reported to have been given by the Tsar of Russia to his troops. It is a traditional Russian Orthodox Catholic three- bar cross, which is unlike the Western cross.
   On the front of the cross, above the top bar is the Slavonic abbreviation for King of Glory which replaces Pontius Pilate’s mocking title, INRI, which is found on Western crosses.
     At either end of the second crossbar are the Slavonic letters IC and XC  which are the abbreviations for Jesus Christ.
    At the foot of the cross, the third bar is tilted up on the right, meaning that those on the right side of Christ, like the good thief, St. Dismas, will go to heaven, while the unrepentant on the left will go to hell.
    Below the cross in the skull of Adam representing Golgotha and the Slavonic letters,  NIKA, which is the  abbreviation for Conquers, meaning that Christ will conquer the place of the skull.
     On the right of the cross is the soldier’s spear, and on the left, is the staff with the sponge.
     On the back of the cross is the 68th Psalm that begins,  Let God arise.... 

Dimensions: 2 1/4" x 1"


Russian Soldier's Cross