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The Order of Calatrava was  founded in Castile  in 1164, the first military religious order to take vows of perpetual war against the Muslim invaders. They became soldiers of the Cross. Monks were required to sleep in their armor  and to wear a white mantle with the scarlet cross fleur de lis. The order was able to bring to the field as many as 1200 to 2000 knights, a considerable force in the Middle Ages. The last attempt to utilize the order for military purpose was in 1640-50 in quelling the rebellion of  the Catalans against Philip IV.
   Today the Order is centered mainly in Andalucia and members are generally wealthy or high-born rather than monks. The Calatrava Cross is used widely as a icon for Andalucia, especially in the area of Almagro and Jaen.

Dimensions: 1 1/2" x 1 1/4"

Calatrava Cross